wow i am very bad at advice as made known in that last q/a

sry people of the internet take everything i say with a grain of cyber salt

Anonymous asks: you seem very accomplished and financially stable, after deciding not to continue schooling after high school. i've decided to do the same thing but i'm not happy w/ where my life is right now. just wondering what sort of occupation you're in as i recently quit my shitty job and need to find a better paying one. also, any tips on how to create a life for yourself w/o schooling.

i work in retail (management) - i would not recommend it to anybody

what i would recommend is living with ur family rent free as long as u can and dabbling in your interests

i have missed out on a lot of fun in return of being so responsible and independent

currently planning out what’s next occupational wise, but waiting it out for some financial reasons

i don’t have solid advice other than try avoid adult hood as long as possible.. it happens inevitably but that doesn’t mean u need to be adult right now-

figure urself out and have fun doing it

Anonymous asks: How would you deal with friends and family being confused/ concerned about you remaining single? I've been single for like, two years now (bad break up) and i feel like it's gotten to the point where even though i'm so ok with it, those around me are just like ????why don't you date people???? Idk, even though i'm not interested in dating other people, i feel almost pressured to think that i SHOULD be concerned that i'm not interested? if that makes sense.

say WHY NOT i am HAPPY and that is all that matters
then flip UR hair and stop caring so much

Anonymous asks: Do u have an Instagram?

yes but i have neglected it


PS help me pick out a new username i hate it………


Photos by Momomi.

Seoul, South Korea

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Land Art by Jean-Paul Bourdier Photographer

Anonymous asks: What would you do if you saw your ex in person? Like at the store or something. Would you feel awkward? What if he confronted you in a mean way?

is this you Teagan

Anonymous asks: I know someone who was actually willing to give away hers for free for an equal exchange tbh

what is an equal exchange ??i’m confused??